A Green Built, Solar Powered, Biofuels Station


From an early start producing biodiesel from used cooking oil in his garage, Ian Hill was instrumental in creating a market for biofuels in the state of Oregon. Now Managing Partner of SeQuential Biofuels in Eugene, he has gone on to build the first retail biofuels station in the state — and it’s not an ordinary fueling station: A solar panel canopy provides 50% of the needed electricity. The convenience store is a passive solar design to help with heating and cooling, and stocks as much locally produced food as possible. Its “living roof”, of mostly native plants, helps cool the building in summer, and slow and filter stormwater runoff. This optimistic enteprenuer says he and his family have found that consuming less can bring greater happiness. Episode 104. [sqbiofuels.com]

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  1. Colin W. says:

    Nice episode, i love the ones in my town.

    In order to get a non-flex fuel car to work on E85 you need to get a conversion kit. ($300-450 installed) It consists of a new controller (mentioned) and a fuel sensor that detects the O2 level in the fuel and with the controller adjusts the timing appropriately. If you live in Eugene this service is offered through Green Eye (Google them).


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