“The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel” DVD

It happened on a dark night just after Thanksgiving. The trees on the Christmas tree farm were shaken awake by a wind and a light…”


So begins The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel, a heartwarming story for all ages based on a true event in the Great Depression. Written by a friend, it was illustrated by Janaia with a magic glow. The heart-full music track, much of it by Vangelis, was crafted by dear friends of Music from the Hearts of Space radio. Transforming it into a video was what started Robin (and Janaia) into learning video in the early 2000s, ultimately leading to Peak Moment Television.


It has touched many hearts since it was created in the early 1980s. We hope it will touch your heart and the hearts of everyone you love. Although its theme is seasonal, its topic is timeless. 


DVD cover for The Little Fir and the Christmas Tree Angel