Haultain Common: A Garden on Public Land Where All May Harvest

September 12, 2010. Beware the subversives on Haultain Boulevard in Victoria, B.C. The friendly women gardening in their edible front yard greet all passers-by with conversation and invitations to harvest food. Guerrilla gardeners Rainey Hopewell (photo top) and Margot … [Read more...]

Navigating the Decline (183)

This time Janaia's in the hot seat! In this interview by Jim Fritz on Port Townsend Television, she tackles corporate control and a dysfunctional system that profits from increasing unhealthiness and consuming the planet. She points to Peak Moment guests as models for the … [Read more...]

MOBY – An Inner City Community Garden Project

This Vancouver, B.C., neighborhood is building community while transforming an abandoned lot in a crack neighborhood into a flourishing community garden. Join MOBY-lizer Jason O'Brien and folks of all ages for cob clay-stomping fun accompanied by music in an inner-city urban … [Read more...]