The Light Returns: Solstice beside the Salish Sea

It is Christmas day. We are house-sitting with Carson the Cat in a Victorian house in Victoria, British Columbia. Yesterday we were moved by a delightful reading of Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales" by narrator Nelville Jones, a Victorian Welshman. Interwoven … [Read more...]

Stunning Views from Mount Gardner

On Thanksgiving day we hiked to the summit of Mount Gardner, the largest peak on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Our host Dave Pollard joined us in the 1500 foot elevation climb through the rocky, densely wooded rainforest. On the right side of Robyn's photo you'll see West … [Read more...]

A Pathfinder for the Future Primitive

My curiosity was piqued when I read a review of Miles Olson's Unlearn, Rewild: Earth skills, ideas and inspiration for the future primitive in Richard Reese's Sustainable or Bust. For nearly a decade this young man lived with friends at the edge of civilization in the … [Read more...]

Rock Grottoes and Grand Vistas

Thanks to our Seattle friend Marita, we enjoyed a gentle 3 mile day hike around Naches Peak in the Mt. Rainier National forest. Rock grottoes sprinkled with tiny colorful wildflowers, sepia stone ridges with a trace of snow, lakes and ponds framed by dark green conifers. A … [Read more...]

“We LIVE Here?” – my painting in an international show

July 22, 2013. Carolyn Baker published my art in her Daily Digest along with the following poem by Don Hynes of Portland, Oregon. A rather beautiful and synchronistic matching:  little did she know that Don and I are acquainted through the internet, soon to meet in … [Read more...]

Gnarly Ancestral Oak Going Strong after Three Centuries

Like a guardian spirit (do you see her watchful eye?), this Ancestral Black Oak welcomes us as we enter Bearhaven Meadow at Lone Bobcat Woods near Round Mountain in the South Yuba River watershed. She is nearly hollow, perhaps from a long-ago wildfire. If you look up from … [Read more...]

How the West Has Won (200)

"Is the world a better place because you were born?" asks author Derrick Jensen. He contrasts sustainable indigenous cultures who enrich their habitat with the current "dominant culture destroying everything." He explores how industrial civilization is inherently violent, … [Read more...]