Peak Moment on Community Access TV

Below are some guidelines for submitting to your station, how to download the programs for free, or subscribe to DVDs.

DVDs or Downloads?

Programs are delivered in three forms. In order of expense, they are (1) free internet download, (2) DVDs in paper envelopes, and (3) DVDs in standard book-like cases with attractive printed wrapper. Choose #3 if you want DVDs to to donate to a library or college or lend out. Otherwise, the choice of #1 or #2 will depend on what your station can utilize.

Contact your local community access TV station

Locate your community access TV station. You can find your local station online at If you can’t find your local station online, call your local cable TV provider and ask which channel is the public access station for your town or county, and where to submit media to them.

Ask the station:

a. Will they accept programs produced outside of the area, if you as a local resident will be the sponsor or host for the program? (Most stations will accept them.)

b. If yes, what media can the station use – free download or DVD? If download, there are two sites for free downloads:

PegMedia. Most Peak Moment episodes are downloadable free at These are mpeg2 (DVD quality) files about 1 gigabyte in size.

TelVue Connect. Most recent Peak Moment episodes are downloadable free at TelVue Connect. The station can chose the desired format compatible with their equipment.

(3) If downloads are not feasible, we provide four half-hour programs on a single DVD in a paper envelope, with a menu to access each program. Subscription information below. We can mail them directly to the station.

c. Let them know you want to submit a weekly series. We produce shows bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). Most stations show each program in our series slot for two weeks. Shows are designed to not be time-sensitive.  There are 266 programs as of summer 2014.

c. Do you need to join the station, and if so what is the fee? Do they require an orientation meeting or have other requirements before you can become a local sponsor? What forms do you need to fill out, and how do you obtain them?

To Download Episodes

From PegMedia. To register, go to On left side, choose Create New Account []. Once you have registered an account, a link in the right sidebar provides information for Downloading Video Files. Peak Moment episodes are listed and downloadable at

From TelVue Connect. For information and to sign up, go to Once you have set up an account, you’ll receive an email with downloading information.

To Purchase DVDs

Start Peak Moment on DVD for free! To get you started, we can loan you three DVDs, whose 12 programs can be cablecast for 3-6 months, depending on how frequently your station wants to show the program. We ask you to pay $3 shipping, and to mail the DVDs back after they’re shown. We offer this to help subscribers raise money through friends, businesses, and groups.

Each DVD has four consecutive programs (1-4, 5-8, etc.). DVDs are packaged either in paper sleeves or in standard DVD cases with an attractive printed cover, suitable for libraries. All prices are postpaid. If in California, sales tax will be added.

Your order can include both past and future programs. Some subscribers order past DVDs and show a program each week. You can purchase by check, or I can email you a PayPal invoice for paying online with credit card.

Prices: 24 programs on 6 DVDs, $100 in paper sleeve, $135 in case.

Submit paperwork to your station

Some stations have a review process before accepting the program. Most simply accept the media and your filled-out form. Fill out the form listing yourself as the sponsor. Sometimes a station requests permission or additional information about the program; we’ve provided this below. If required, we as copyright-holders can submit a letter permitting the station to air these programs.

Program title: Peak Moment TV

Very short description: Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

Short description: Meet grassroots entrepreneurs creating resilient communities for a lower-energy, life-sustaining future.

Longer description: Ride an electric bike, visit permaculture gardens, intentional communities, natural buildings, tool libraries and more. Meet ordinary people creating more security and local self-sufficiency and having a good time doing it!

Category: (depends on categories your station lists) Environmental, Social Concerns, Information, Educational

Audience: General

Series frequency: Weekly. Permission is granted to cablecast programs an unlimited number of times.

Preferred showtime: 5:30-10:00 pm weekdays and Sunday evening (prime time)

Program length: half-hour (27:00 – 28:00).

Permission for station to duplicate program: No

Permission to publish our website link on their website: Yes. Our website is

Copyright-holder: Yuba Gals Independent Media, 15504 Lone Bobcat Way, Nevada City, CA 95959

Producer (for feedback, questions, contact, permission):
Janaia Donaldson,, 530-265-4244

Let us know when the series is accepted

1. Email us the station name and abbreviation (e.g., Nevada County Television, NCTV), website url, and the cable channel number that the program will go on. We’d like to list them on our website.

Please also send contact information for a person at the station we can contact if there are technical questions (name, postal address, email address, phone number).

2. To whom should we mail future programs? We can mail to you or directly to the station. If the latter, please email the address to us.

If DVDs, what happens after cablecasting?

1. Ask the station, Do they keep or return media to the producer? (Most return it). If returned, do you want to keep them? If you want the programs, you are responsible for picking up media when the station is done with it, according to their practices and schedule. We encourage ordering DVDs with cases, and donating them to your local library. If you don’t want the media, we will include a self-addressed stamp envelope from time to time for media to be mailed back to us for another station’s use.

Promote the show in your community

1. Do you want us to create a custom credits screen? It is intended to air for a few seconds immediately after the Peak Moment shows, and can credit you as the program underwriter (e.g., “Peak Moment is brought to you Tuesdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 3 pm by Sustainable Smalltown, website, phone number” or something similar that fits on one screen). The station programmer must be informed to add it following each program. Of course the station can air it anytime, not just immediately after the program.

2. Put a notice in your newspaper; send emails to community groups and friends; put a blurb on your website. You’re welcome to take pictures and descriptions directly from our website. We can provide copy, logos, background information, and are happy to be interviewed. This is a very tangible project that can lend visibility and credibility to your organization.

3. Please link to in your emails and on your websites. You can even embed online Peak Moment videos on your own website! Once the program schedule is established, you might want to email the description of each show to your local media and group lists and/or put it on your website.

Thank you

Finally, thank you for bringing Peak Moment Conversations to your community. We are grateful for your support for Peak Moment TV, and your work for the earth community.