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We appreciate your support of Peak Moment, which has helped get us where we are — 23,000 subscribers and 4.8 million views on YouTube. We think the program is more relevant than ever, and we’d like to grow our audience further.  Will you write a testimonial for PMTV?

Email it and we’ll post it in a new section on our website, crediting you in the way you wish (including anonymously). In full disclosure, we may also include it in a business proposal.

Your note can address the value of Peak Moment TV shows to you personally, to your community or organization, and/or society at large. Your note can be any length − one or two sentences is great. Let us know how to credit you (e.g., your organization or business name, your work or passion), but for sure include your geographical location − at least your country. You can email a pdf (e.g., on your letterhead) if you like. If at all possible, please reply by September 15th.

Please forward this request to other friends who are familiar with Peak Moment TV.

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Janaia & Robin

Here are some questions to stir your thoughts. At bottom is some background information about Peak Moment TV.

* How is Peak Moment TV a valuable resource?

* How has Peak Moment TV helped spread important ideas and practices, provided models for thought and action, inspired, or empowered people?

* How have Peak Moment TV shows been supportive of your enterprise (your project, book, business, group, vocation) or others you know about?

* Have you shared Peak Moment TV shows with friends, neighbors, groups, or in public showings?

About Peak Moment TV: Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

* Our mission is to produce programs featuring people and communities at the innovative edge of ideas and action, concerning e.g. peak resources, population pressures, financial instability, and climate change.

* We have produced 274 programs since 2006, continuing at the rate of about one every two weeks.

* Programs are provided free to an international audience through YouTube, where they have received 4.8 million viewings and 23,000 subscribers around the world.

* Programs are also available at a number of libraries and educational institutions around the United States.

* Peak Moment TV is funded by individual contributors, advertising on YouTube, DVD sales, and the donation of our own time.


  1. Wanda Ballentine says:

    Peak Moment is a marvelous source of creating a new culture for folks trying to get out of the capitalist consumer mode and the fossil fuel economy into something real based on the earth and what we owe the earth Right now, we are heading for an enormous collapse on every level – we definitely need these other sources. I send info on Peak Moment to many.

  2. Tom Jones says:

    Before there were “preppers”, before the current “homestead” designations, before “permaculture” became a household word, there was Peak Moment tv showing us a better way to live…examples of how to extract ourselves from a failing political system and live simple, sustainable, artful lives….back to basics, being as much as possible, independent of coporations, corrupt systems, etc….to live renewably instead of exploitively….to live within the rhythms of seasons…to find gratitude and appreciation in simple sustainable ways…revealing thousands of practical, concrete steps we can each take to enrich our lives, by initiating and managing perpetual sustainable systems….rather than engaging in destructive extractions. Peak Moment and Janaia has been a real inspiration…a ray of hope in a trouble world…

  3. Doug Carlsten says:

    I’ve followed Peak Moment TV for many years now. As a published Author, Radio Host, and popular YouTube Vlogger, it’s my opinion that we in America are beginning to experience the collapse of our Government’s Empire. Further that, rather than fixing the problems, our so called “Leaders” have done nothing but create larger and ever more fragile bubbles in the Economy. I’m quite convinced that we will soon experience an economic depression, which may even make the 1930’s look like a Kindergarten field trip. Peak Moment is about answers, it’s about finding a new way, and creating a better future for our children. We CAN fix our World, if we look outside of the box. Peak Moment TV seeks to do just that!!!

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