Yes! magazine – with Fran Korten and Sarah van Gelder

100830_yes_300.jpgAugust 30, 2010. I’ve read Yes! quarterly magazine for more than two decades. It’s one of my informational mainstays, often inspiring me with topics for Peak Moment shows. We taped a conversation with executive editor Sarah van Gelder in 2006 on Yes! Building a Just, Sustainable, and Compassionate World.

We taped an upbeat conversation at Yes! Magazine on Bainbridge Island with Sarah Van Gelder (left) and publisher Fran Korten (right). Fran spoke about the explosive interest in local food, which brings people together across political and cultural boundaries.

Sarah enthused about the just-published Yes! issue whose theme “Ready for Anything: Build Resilience Now for Hard Times Ahead” is right up the Peak Moment alley. You can get a free copy at (you’ll receive this particular issue through the end of October 2010). Peruse it and then subscribe (for you or your library).

On their bountiful website you can sign up for free weekly e-news that’ll inspire you with fresh thinking and positive energy from other grass roots activists and thinkers.

Speaking with Sarah and Fran reminded me that media not owned by corporations or swayed by advertisers is hard to find. It’s crucial for finding out what’s really going on below the corporate radar. We’re proud that Peak Moment TV is in the independent media camp along with Yes!

Watch Yes! Ready for Anything (episode 184).

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