Taking A Pause in the Pacific Northwest Tour


October 4, 2010. We’re taking a two month hiatus in Seattle while Robyn undergoes treatment for her long-term lyme with a naturopathic physician in Seattle. This naturopathic doctor herself has lyme and specializes in this type of disease. As you can imagine, after twenty years of lyme, the prospect of Robyn’s regaining lost energy, cognitive function, and quality of life is a thrilling one.

The universe has given a lot of support for this choice. We will live in our “Little House” mobile studio in the yard beside our friend Marita’s house in northwest Seattle. Robyn knows Seattle well from her 15 years here at the UW and has gotten us bikes for local travel and exercise (photo by Robyn and Janaia with their one Brompton folding bike). We hope to take in a few “big city” cultural events while in the area.

We’re excited! This past six weeks has been a real adventure. And the mobile studio has worked out wonderfully. Living in this mobile “Little House” certainly is an experience in simpler living – there isn’t room to acquire much stuff! We’ve loved traveling and meeting wonderful people, and have taped some very rich programs. We don’t want to stop!

So we’re shifting our perspective: continuing to travel and tape programs is the New Life. Meanwhile, we’re reflecting on how to lessen our workload maintaining the role the homestead at Lone Bobcat Woods plays in our lives. (Lease the house to someone who loves wild lands and has the skills for a solar-powered place?)

We’ve already lined up several programs to tape in the area. Robyn has produced three of the programs we taped on this tour. The show goes on.


  1. Stuart M. says:

    You got two Brompton folding bikes, the bicycle I have been dreaming of for years and years! Good choice! I hope Robyn has tried traditional medicine for her Lyme disease. I know it can be expensive if one doesn’t have health insurance. Lyme disease is normally treated with strong antibiotics, isn’t it? Are they really too expensive?

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