Stunning Views from Mount Gardner


On Thanksgiving day we hiked to the summit of Mount Gardner, the largest peak on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Our host Dave Pollard joined us in the 1500 foot elevation climb through the rocky, densely wooded rainforest. On the right side of Robyn’s photo you’ll see West Vancouver, the Burrard Inlet with container ships, beyond which is Vancouver and in the far distance, the Cascade mountain range in Washington state.

As soon as we arrived, I dashed out a watercolor painting. Good thing I dashed. A light sleet chased me to finish, while sprinkling crystalline dots into the wet paint. Mt_Gardner_wc_560

In the view north toward Gibsons on the British Columbia mainland, plumes from paper mills arise in the mysterious fog. As we scurried downhill in the gathering dark, we found ourselves thankful for the opportunity to explore another part of this beautiful island.


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