Simple Living Enables Dreams – A Tiny House Tour

Logan-Tiny-House_600July 29, 2013: Chico, California. After visiting with our friend Mary Nelson, we biked to the Tiny House where Logan Smith and Tammy Strobel are now living. Their dedication to simple living has enabled them to achieve several dreams since we taped Young Couple Find Freedom in Simple Living (episode 160) in 2009:

  • Logan completed his Ph.D. in physiology
  • Tammy’s first book You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap) was published
  • they’re pleased owners of this beautiful, comfortable Tiny House, and
  • they’ve  now returned “home” to be near family in a familiar community

Logan gave us the grand tour. Look forward to peeking into every thoughtfully-designed nook and cranny in the video.


  1. I love that you and your partner are wearing safety vests! When I used to ride a motorcycle, I dressed by the idea that it is a rider’s responsibility to be visible. I got looks for my hi-viz gear and bike, but I people gave me space.

    Janaia, I encourage you to look into getting two Class 3 safety vests. They are bit more pricey, but are far more visible. The Class 2 vests you’re wearing don’t have (short) sleeves, so they provide limited side visibility. Class 3 vests are required for road workers on roads above 50 mph.

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