Pacific Northwest Tour 2010 – Completed Schedule

100524_pnw_map.jpgJanuary 10, 2011 update: This final schedule lists most of the 58 programs videotaped in the completed 2010 Pacific Northwest Tour, along with get-togethers with localization/transition groups and media interviews. Links are primarily to Janaia’s Journal entries.

3         Rogue River, OR: Backyard garden CSA
4-6     Cottage Grove, OR: Aprovecho Center, human-powered machines, rocket stoves
8         Alpine, OR: Sharing garden
11        Portland, OR: Cargo bikes
11        Portland, OR: Meeting with Transition PDX
13        Portland, OR: Neighborhood urban village
14        Portland, OR: Tool library
16        Portland, OR: Columbia Ecovillage
17        Portland, OR: Dignity Village
18       Portland, OR: Free Geek tour
19        Portland, OR: tour of straw bale house and cob studio
19        Portland, OR: Fruit tree gleaning
23        Rochester, WA: Earthen house
23        Rochester, WA: Midwifery
24        Olympia, WA: Tiny mobile house
25        Olympia, WA: Bakery CSA
28        Seattle, WA: Simple living with Cecile Andrews
29        Seattle, WA: Home remodel and energy retrofit
30        Bainbridge Island, WA: David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy
30        Bainbridge Island, WA: Yes! magazine publisher & editor-in-chief

3         Bellingham, WA: Tools for manifesting your dream
4         Bellingham, WA: Mobile chicken harvester
4         Bellingham, WA: Kids engage with food at farm camp
5         Bellingham, WA: Meeting with Transition Whatcom
6         Bellingham, WA: Innovative farm/CSA
7         Whidbey Island, WA: Vicki Robin, your money or your life (Peak Moment episode 186)
8         Port Townsend, WA: Growing community gardens
9         Port Townsend, WA: Investing locally
9         Port Townsend, WA: Janaia interviewed on community TV (Peak Moment episode 183)
9         Port Townsend, WA: Neighbors organizing for emergency preparedness
10        Port Townsend, WA: Bicycle enthusiasts offer free repairs and classes
12        Victoria, B.C.: Guy Dauncey, author of 101 Solutions to Global Warming
12        Victoria, B.C.: Haultain Boulevard commons garden
13        Victoria, B.C.: Eco-sensible house
14        Shawnigan Lake, B.C.: O.U.R. Ecovillage
14        Shawnigan Lake, B.C.: Green burial meets land preservation
15        Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers Staff

Sept. 2010 update: Robyn and I are taking a hiatus after six weeks of taping 34 Peak Moment shows in the Pacific Northwest. A health opportunity with a Seattle naturopath for Robyn’s long-term lyme is allowing us to stay in the area for two more months. Below are shows we taped in the greater Seattle area and the return trip south.

16         Seattle, WA: Transition Cascadia Convergence

10        Seattle, WA: Janaia a guest on Mike Ruppert’s radio program
10, 24        Seattle, WA: “Peak Shrink” Kathy McMahon
14         Seattle, WA: Wallingford Community Kitchen
29        Sequim, WA: organic farmer Nash Huber
30        Port Townsend, WA: Menu of the Future

18        Seattle, WA: CSA produce transported by sailboat
27        Seattle, WA: Applying the “Peak oil filter”

1        Seattle, WA: Undriving
5        Bellingham, WA: Filmmaker Jon Cooksey, How to Boil A Frog
6        Bellingham, WA: Michelle Long, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
9        Seattle, WA: a car sharing arrangement between two households
13      Seattle, WA: sail transport of sustainable goods in the south Pacific
16      Portland, OR: Daniel Lerch, editor of The Post Carbon Reader
17      Astoria, OR: Titanic Lifeboat Academy
18     Corvallis, OR: Grain and Bean project, and book Prairie Fire
18     Alpine, OR: The rich frugal life
19     Eugene, OR: Interview on Eugene community TV, meet with relocalizers
21     Crescent City, CA: Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame


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