Let’s Get This Show on the Road!







5 pm Monday night August 2nd. Our friend Mary Nelson sent us off with a colorful paper flower bouquet at our three-person mini-departure party at the Rough and Ready park-and-ride.

Now with Robyn at the wheel, we’re setting out on a long and winding road (starting with California highway 20) in a long-awaited return to the Pacific Northwest. I’m writing this on my laptop in the mobile studio’s back room video edit bay. Just picked up email via the digital cell internet whose antenna bobs from the mobile studio’s top back corner. I transferred onto my computer this digital picture Mary took of us, tweaked it in Photoshop, and posted it with this blog.

Such communication wonders! Some of this was impossible or difficult a mere four years ago when we first taped Peak Moment TV shows on the road from our VW Vanagon. We searched for late-night wi-fi spots in various towns to pick up email and access the web. I posted our travels in a guest blog on the Relocalization Network, as I’m doing with this tour on Transition US. That was before Facebook, Transition US social network, and Twitter. The Peak Moment channel wasn’t yet on YouTube, and only a few community-access TV stations in addition to Nevada County TV carried our show. This time we’ll be uploading programs from the mobile studio about every two weeks.

Exciting adventures ahead! The localization / transition network is much bigger than in 2006. We have old friends to re-visit, new friends to meet, and a broader range of topics and mostly tours to tape. Here’s the schedule.

The first taping is tomorrow in Ashland with Scott “Hawkeye” McGuire, one of our first guests in summer 2006. In “An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability” (episode 51) he set out to find whether he could grow and preserve a substantial portion of his family’s food. Tomorrow we’ll get the results and an update.


  1. Patricia Parcells says:

    This looks like a whole year’s worth of shows! And I see you will be in Corvallis where perhaps we can see you again. Christine and I enjoyed meeting you in Alpine yesterday.

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