Earth Repair – Grass Roots Healing for Toxic Landscapes

LeilaDarwish_550Leila Darwish is a passionate dynamo, a champion of the underdog (those whose land and water are being poisoned by industrial civilization) and an advocate for grass roots action to heal the earth (especially when agencies and corporations are slow to act or their efforts only make things worse).

Earth Repair cover

Leila’s a community organizer, urban gardener and author of Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes from New Society Publishers. Leila discussed bioremediation using microorganisms, plants, and mushrooms to break down and bind contaminants. She was chock full of information, tips and cautions from her on-the-ground experience and extensive research.

We videoed a fast-paced conversation in Victoria, B.C., where this activist gave a workshop at PowerShift BC 2013 exploring how “we, the grassroots, can skill up and step up when it comes to community oil spill response and ecological detox and recovery.” I really like how she empowers communities and individuals to “transform environmental despair into constructive action.”


  1. Paul M Flansburg says:

    I’m looking forward to this video. I attended the Healing Our Waters annual Great Lakes Week (this time, in Milwaukee, Wi.) and agricultural remediation was discussed but never seemed to be the targeted focus. I have since asked Cornell Small Farms about farming that improved the environment but was referred elsewhere. I was told that farming to help the environment was not heard of by this person but reducing it’s impact was. Sure, we leave a “footprint” when we drive our cars or heat our homes, but to eat? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Cornell Small Farms; I just struggle to wrap my head around food production having necessary environmental consequences–even using best practices.

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