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On each DVD are four Peak Moment episodes, each approximately 28 minutes long, on a single theme. Share with your community, your library — excellent for sparking discussion and action.

Best of Canada, Volume 1


An Urban Developer Goes for the Green, Joe Van Belleghem
Claiming the Commons – Food for All on Haultain Boulevard
Rainey Hopewell and Margot Johnston
Awakening the Village Heart and Mind, Brandy Gallagher
An Eco-Sense House – Natural Building, Natural Living,
Ann and Gord Baird

DVD: $20.00 

Best of Canada, Volume 2


First Nations People Reclaiming Their Heritage, Pawa Haiyupis
Visit McCaskill Street – Forging Community through Resource Sharing, Jack Meredith, Lori Garcia-Meredith, Janet Riddell, Patti Parkhouse, Warren Walsh
Village Vancouver – How Can A Big City Become a Village? Ross Moster, Rand Chatterjee, Ann Pacey
Sooke Harbour House & Restaurant – Pioneers of Local, Frederique & Sinclair Philip, Oliver Kienast, Francis Louvat

DVD: $20.00 

Best of 2011 Volume 1 – Pushing the Boundaries

The Vegetarian Myth, Lierre Keith
How the West Has Won, Derrick Jensen
Awakening the Village Heart and Mind,Brandy McPherson
Portable House, Simple Life, Dee Williams

DVD: $20.00 

Best of 2011 Volume 2 – Innovations and Insights

Peak Oil Blues – We’re All Bozos on This Bus, Kathy McMahon
Oil Puts the Squeeze on the Economy, Chris Martenson
Local Investing Made Easy, James Frazier, Kees Kolff, Matthew Daly
How to Boil A Frog – Meet the Filmmaker, Jon Cooksey

DVD: $20.00 

Port Townsend Shapes a Locally Reliant Community

Local Investing Made Easy, James Frazier, Kees Kolff, Matthew Day
How Many Community Gardens?, Judy Alexander, Celia & Ray Carnighan
Menu for the Future – Bringing Farmers to the Table, Dick Bergeron, Judy Alexander, Peter Bates
Partners in Preparedness – Neighborhoods and Emergency Responders, Bob Hamlin and Deborah Stinson

DVD: $20.00 

The Wealth in Waste

Creating a Home Graywater System, Trathen Heckman
Saving the Good Stuff – “The Exchange” at Orcas Island Dump, George Post
RE Store – A Second Life for Building Materials, Nate Moore, Erin Marden and Robin du Pre
The Pee and Poo Show, Laura Allen

DVD: $20.00 

Best of 2010

A Young Couple Find Freedom in Simple Living, Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith
The Crash Course – Exponential Growth Meets Reality, Chris Martenson
The Sacred Demise of Industrial Civilization,Carolyn Baker
Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness, Vicki Robin

DVD: $20.00 

Money and Economy

Protecting Your Money in a Declining Economy, Marc Cuniberti
Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity with Trust, Francis Ayley
Taking Back Our Lives from the Wall Street Mafia, David C. Korten
Transitioning to the Elm Street Economy,Paul and Sarah Edwards

DVD: $20.00 


The Heart of Permaculture

Bullock Brothers Homestead — A 25-Year Permaculture Project, Joe, Sam and Doug Bullock

How Do I Invite You to Grow Food? Jenny Pell

High on Permaculture in the Rocky Mountains, Kris Holstrom

The Heart of Permaculture, Bill Wilson.
(See also Bill’s Living in Authenticity During Energy Descent.)

Four conversations, about 28 minutes each.

DVD: $20.00 


Suburban Backyard Gardens: Cultivating Abundance

How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House? Judy Alexander

An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability, Scott McGuire

Suburban Permaculture, Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg

Cultivating a Suburban Foodshed, Owen Dell

Four conversations, about 28 minutes each.

DVD: $20.00 


Transforming Communities Through Local Business

Helping Local Food Businesses Thrive,Wendy Siporen

The Small-Mart Revolution, Michael Shuman

Sustainable Connections — Transforming a Community Through Local Business, Michelle Long

Local Living Economies — Protecting What We Love, Judy Wicks

Four conversations, about 28 minutes each.

DVD: $20.00 


Presentations, conferences, and special events on DVD.

Introduction to Permaculture

This weekend workshop by Cathé Fish packs comprehensive, practical information into two days of fully-illustrated slideshows. It’s well-spiced with her overflowing enthusiasm and experience. The 6-dvd set covers principles, land, water harvesting, soil, zones, gardens, plants, guilds, bio-remediation, food forests, solar greenhouses, buildings, villages, and more.
Six DVDs: about 2 hours each.

6-DVD set: $99.00 

Reclaiming Democracy: How Communities are Saying “NO” to Corporate Rights

Thomas Linzey and Shannon Biggs describe how more than 100 communities have enacted laws that place the rights of communities and nature over the claimed “rights” of corporations. Their organizing stems from a new understanding of the origins of corporate power. It’s a radical and inspiring approach that brings decision-making back to communities. Linzey is an environmental attorney with Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Biggs is the Local Green Economy program director with Global Exchange.
Biggs: 18 min. Linzey: 72 min. Q&A 35 min.

DVD: $20.00 

Preparing Traditional Nourishment

Five Cooking Classes with Shan Kendall, based on the work of Weston A. Price, with a bonusRecipes and Resources CD. (1) Bacteria We Can’t Live Without (lacto-fermented foods), (2) The Magic of Minerals (bone stocks), (3) The Mystery of the Seed (soaked grains), (4) What Color is Your Egg Yolk? (egg dishes), and (5) The Scourge of the Modern Soft Drink (healthy beverages).
Five DVDs: about 2 hours each.

5-DVD set plus bonus CD: $89.00 

A Permaculture Perspective: Living in Authenticity During Energy Descent

In this presentation by Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture, we learn that in a good permaculture design, work is minimized, yields (food, energy, income) increase, waste is eliminated and the environment is restored. Once all the essential needs of a family or community are met, there are then resources and time remaining to care for others and other aspects of community. This is the basis for a permanent culture or ‘permaculture’. Bill shares how his journey into this approach to living has transformed the way he looks at food, at work, at people, and at life.
Presentation: 27 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

Communities Preparing for Energy and Climate Change

These five presentations from “A Renaissance of Local 2007” provide a conceptual framework for responding to climate change and declining energy resources, with examples of communities working toward self-reliance and strengthening their local economies. Richard Heinberg (Peak Everything), Julian Darley (Communities Preparing), Daniel Lerch (Post Carbon Cities), Michael Brownlee (Relocalizing), and Janaia Donaldson (Peak Moment Sampler).
5 presentations: 30 to 70 minutes each. Click for details.

2-DVD set: $30.00 

Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines

In this illustrated presentation (formerly titled “Kiss Your Gas Goodbye”), Richard Heinberg engagingly contrasts the declining supply curves for most energy sources (primarily oil) with accelerating depletion of critical resources like minerals, water and topsoil. Noting previous civlizations’ collapse, he lays out possible scenarios for how global industrial civilization will contract. He then details some strategies for the energy transition including relocalization and emergency planning for resilient communities.

Presentation: 70 mins, Q&A: 22 mins, Bonus interview: 28 mins.

DVD: $20.00 

“A Renaissance of Local” 3-Day Conference

Presented by Boulder County Going Local, co-sponsored by Post Carbon Institute. Twenty-four presentations in a 6-DVD set, or by individual DVD:

  1. Local Business & Economics: Judy Wicks, Jeff Milchen, Michael Johnson, Mark Wilding, Dan King and David Hight
  2. Richard Heinberg: Peak Everything, Steve Andrews: Peak Oil, Richard Brenne: About Everything.
  3. Julian Darley: Preparing Communities, Daniel Lerch: Post Carbon Cities, Leslie Glustrom: Post Fossil Fuel World
  4. Energy and Resources: Tom Plant, Aaron Perry, Mark Sardella, Mike Bowman
  5. Michael Brownlee: Relocalizing, Marshall Vian Summers: Ethical Living, John Feeney: Biggest Challenge, Bill Wilson: Permaculture
  6. Brook Le Van: Whole Systems, Joanne Neft: Locally Grown, Janaia Donaldson: Peak Moment video sampler, Bob Banner: Local Media.

24 Presentations: 25 to 70 minutes each. Click for more details.

6-DVD Set: $50.00 
Single DVD: $20.00


“Green for All – An Evening with Van Jones”

In a personal and deeply inspiring talk, Van Jones lays out his vision of “Green For All” in which the emerging economy of energy conservation and renewables also includes “green collar jobs,” especially for the economically disadvantaged. He regales us with stories of his hard-earned admission to Yale Law School, where his passion to work for social justice was ignited, and a pivotal meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
Presentation 90 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

Michelle Long: “Building a Local Community and Economy”

Following a short video on Sustainable Connections of Bellingham, Washington, Executive Director Michelle Long shows us how her organization is building community through locally-owned independent businesses promoting a Think Local First program, local food and farming, green building, sustainable business development, and green energy.
Bonus: 28-minute interview with Michelle.
Presentation 75 minutes, Interview 28 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

David Korten: “The Great Turning”

David’s inspiring and extensively-illustrated presentation of his new book The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community. David says we are at a defining moment in all of human history.
Click for more information and to watch excerpt.
52 minutes, plus Q&A 29 min.

DVD: $20.00 

“The Great Turning” – Bonus Edition

Same program as above plus 28-minute personal interview with David.
Presentation 52 min. Q&A 29 min. Interview 28 min.

DVD: $25.00 

By special arrangement with the filmmakers:

What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

The most comprehensive film we’ve seen that squarely, and with heart, faces the big picture truth about our planet’s future, including climate change, peak oil, and more.
View trailersread reviews, or watch our Peak Moment Conversation with the filmmakers.
Licensed for individual use only (home / private / house party).
Run time: 123 minutes.

DVD: $24.00 

Whatcha Gonna Drive: The Future of Personal Transportation

Presentations from a daylong event in Grass Valley, CA. Keynotes by energy researcher Glenn Rambach, and biodiesel distributor Kimber Holmes. Shorter presentations on local ethanol production, bicycling, electric cars, plug-in conversions for Toyota Prius, and UC Davis Prof. Andy Frank’s renewable energy plug-in hybrid vehicle plan. Special! Includes a 15-minute tour of the Car and Bike Show.
Total run time: 4 hours 42 minutes.

2-DVD set: $30.00 

By special arrangement with the producer, Community Service, Inc.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The isolated island nation of Cuba was forced to recreate its quality of life following the collapse of cheap oil supplied by the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s. This fascinating and empowering film opens with a short history of Peak Oil. It then shows how communities pulled together to create solutions in transport and especially agriculture, transitioning from highly mechanized to organic farming and urban gardens. The only country that has thrived following such a crisis, Cuba is an example of options and hope.
Total run time: 53 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

Julian Darley: “Relocalize Now!”

The founder and director of Post Carbon Institute lays out the problem of “overshoot”, highlighting the impending worldwide oil and natural gas crisis. Relocalization is the prime strategy to reduce community fossil fuel dependence. Includes a snapshot of Washington State’s energy profile.
Presentation 70 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

Guy Dauncey: “The Great Energy Revolution”

This lively and optimistic presentation on “practical solutions to climate crisis and peak oil” is full of illustrated solutions that are do-able here and now — from conservation, efficiency and proven technologies.
88 minutes, plus Q&A 25 min.

DVD: $20.00 

Richard Heinberg: “Peak Oil”

The author of The Party’s Over and Powerdown gives a riveting illustrated presentation on the timing of global production peak and its likely consequences.
95 minutes, including Q&A.

DVD: $20.00 

Steve Andrews: “Our Energy Future Ain’t What It Used To Be”

“If world oil supply were a six-pack, we just popped the top on the fifth can,” Steve quips. A thoroughly-illustrated global Peak Oil picture from the co-founder of ASPO-USA (Association for the Study of Peak Oil).

DVD: $20.00 

Regional Localization Networking Conference

How do we communicate with our communities and prepare in the face of Peak Oil? How do communities relocalize their economies? Representative from 30 groups gathered in April 2006 for presentations and processes with Brian Weller and Jason Bradford of Willets Economic LocaLization, keynote by EPA coordinator David Schaller, and more.

3-DVD set: $40.00 

Two Presentations by Jerry Mander:

“Alternatives to Globalization: A Better World is Possible” (2003)

This presentation came two weeks after the U.S. invaded Iraq. Jerry Mander elucidates why citizens the world over should oppose corporate globalization, and offers alternatives towards a more equitable and just planet. He discusses the global balance of power, the war in Iraq, energy decline and climate change, the “outsourcing” of high paying American jobs, and the media.

“The Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Globalization” (2007)

With many of the planet’s remaining natural resources on indigenous lands, traditional indigenous practices of biodiversity preservation have, ironically, made these lands targets for global corporations seeking the last forests, genetic and plant materials, oil, and minerals. Jerry Mander presents the issues outlined in his new book, as well as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
2 presentations: 68 minutes and 60 minutes.

DVD: $20.00 

Joel Salatin: “Holy Cows, Hog Heaven”

Five inspiring slide presentations by nationally recognized ecological farmer Joel Salatin, whose innovative approach to family farming shows how it can be profitable, healthful, environmentally sustainable, and emotionally satisfying.

3-DVD set: $40.00 

“Come Home to Eat” Conference

On the “knife-and-fork” edge of a growing movement toward a vibrant local food economy and health, this Grass Valley (CA) event celebrates the bond between local farmers and local consumers. Highlight is a 10-member panel of farmers telling it “like it is.”

DVD: $20.00 


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