The Pee and Poo Show (172)

Laura Allen gives an intimate tour of a home-built composting toilet in her Bay Area urban home. The nutrient-rich composted "humanure" is used to enrich the lush, edible landscape, and doesn't waste precious drinking water like flush toilets. The co-founder of Greywater … [Read more...]

Economy, Ecology, Social Equity — Empowering Future Leaders (163)

What if future leaders became sensitive to local environmental and social issues before stepping into leadership roles? Tanya Narath describes nine day-long events in the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy's program: Students visit a watershed for ecological … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Students Lead the Way to Sustainability (149)

Take a personal tour with members of Santa Barbara City College's Student Sustainability Coalition. They're propelling action -- like bringing fresh, local organic produce daily to the salad bar, and placing recycling bins in the cafeteria. They're educating the campus all … [Read more...]

Energy Co-op Brings Power to the People (142)

What if a community owned its electric utility cooperatively, rather than paying a for-profit company? Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative could be a model. Energy Services manager Jessica Nelson describes how this locally owned, democratically governed non-profit … [Read more...]

Award winner! Creating a Home Graywater System (141)

News! Winner of 2009 Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) Award in the category "Talk Show--Issues, Professional Producer."  WAVE is sponsored by The Alliance for Community Media, Western Region, to support and encourage community-access television show … [Read more...]

Peak Oil – Politics, Geopolitics, and Choke Points (137)

These four presentations were taped at the ASPO-USA 2008 conference. Morey Wolfson shows a stunning Google Earth presentation of oil's planetary transportation Choke Points, primarily in the middle east. Jeff Vail discusses how our energy future is not controlled solely … [Read more...]

Energy Investment – Energy Return (136)

Independent financial consultant Jim Hansen runs every investment through the "peak oil test". In this presentation from the ASPO-USA 2008 conference, he explores traditional energy investments; opportunities in renewables, rail, and electrifying the transportation system; … [Read more...]

Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation (135)

Senior energy analyst Robert Hirsch reflects on the immediate liquid fuels problem, and the rebuilding of our entire energy system which will take at least twenty years. He reflects on comments made during the ASPO-USA 2008 conference presentations, noting that he remains … [Read more...]

Shocks, Shortages, and Scenarios – Planning for a Post-Oil Future (1340

Responding to peak oil will require reshaping our communities. These two interviews, taped in September 2008 at the ASPO-USA conference, are with Megan Quinn Bachman of Community Solutions, and Bryn Davidson of Dynamic Cities Project. Megan observes that while the … [Read more...]

Two Views of a Post-Oil Future (133)

From the ASPO-USA 2008 conference: two long-standing peak oil awakeners: author James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency) and Post Carbon Institute Founder and President, Julian Darley. Darley, founder of Post Carbon Institute, is big on sharing: Sharing ideas to quickly … [Read more...]