How Can A Big City Become a Village?

How do you empower an entire metropolis to transition towards a post-fossil fuel era, towards more localized living? I think that's a pretty tall order (read: daunting task), but the folks in Vancouver, BC are undertaking the task with impressive results. Village … [Read more...]

Stunning Views from Mount Gardner

On Thanksgiving day we hiked to the summit of Mount Gardner, the largest peak on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Our host Dave Pollard joined us in the 1500 foot elevation climb through the rocky, densely wooded rainforest. On the right side of Robyn's photo you'll see West … [Read more...]

Entering a Pacific Northwest Winter

Where in the world is the Peak Moment road trip now? After stops in the Vancouver area, we're on Bowen Island, BC where we're taking a much-needed pause to catch up with ourselves and get rested. And to forge a new production process, starting with—ta-dah! (drum … [Read more...]

Our Autumn Around Vancouver, British Columbia

We spent ten gorgeous-colored autumn days parked in front of Varouj Gumuchian's residence in Vancouver, BC. Inside and out, his home is a living gallery of found art and an invitation to community, complete with bench and bulletin board beside the sidewalk. Thank you Varouj … [Read more...]

Get on Board the Transition Bus

Camille and Charlotte are social activists interested in the juncture between the Transition Movement and social justice. In 2009 they set out with their two young children in The Transition Bus to travel North America. They were especially keen to visit and video projects … [Read more...]

An Urban Farmer’s Ultra-Local CSA – Just a Walk Away

If awards were given for Vancouver's most local CSA, urban farmer Gabriel Pliska would be right up there in the running. He grows veggies in 13 different residential yards all within a 2 km radius (just over a mile). His CSA customers are within walking distance of each … [Read more...]

Growing Veterans – From Battlefields to Organic Farm Fields

I've wanted to do a show with veterans-turned-farmers ever since I read Trading their Swords for Plows in the New York Times two years ago. I got my chance in the innovative community near Bellingham, Washington. While we were videoing at the Whatcom SkillShare Faire, a … [Read more...]

Climate Change and Fukushima: Radio EcoShock meets Peak Moment TV

October 25, 2013. We videoed a conversation with Alex Smith of Radio EcoShock. It went both ways. I interviewed him primarily about climate change and Fukushima, because he's watching them very closely. He interviewed me about Peak Moment TV guests' "local solutions." These … [Read more...]

Haultain Commons Garden Seeds Neighborliness

In Victoria, B.C. we visited Margot Johnston (L) and Rainey Hopewell (R), our guests in Claiming the Commons - Food for All on Haultain Boulevard" (episode 185, 2010). The boulevard garden continues to flourish. They've added a sitting area bench made from tree rounds. … [Read more...]

A Pathfinder for the Future Primitive

My curiosity was piqued when I read a review of Miles Olson's Unlearn, Rewild: Earth skills, ideas and inspiration for the future primitive in Richard Reese's Sustainable or Bust. For nearly a decade this young man lived with friends at the edge of civilization in the … [Read more...]